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Summer Exhibition - ongoing
Salty Dogs TeaRoom & Gallery
The Old Pump House
6 Head Street

Hylands House - F.E.C.T Charity Christmas Fair
London Road
Wednesday 15th October 2014

Little Baddow Village Hall - The Wilderness Foundation Charity Sale
North Hill
Little Baddow
Thursday 13th November 2014

What customers say about my jewellery...

I just wanted to tell you that I wear your lovely silver limpet necklace all the time, and I have had so many compliments, and people asking me where I got it!


I love my necklace thank you so much. I know I shall never take it off!!


P1040284Inspired by the Essex coastline, my native Isles of Scilly and far off shores my jewellery includes shells & starfish dredged up in the Colne and Blackwater estuaries, shells picked up from the beautiful beaches in The Isles of Scilly, coral from the Seychelles and Mauritius and also hammered loops and hoops of varying sizes and styles. All pieces are handcrafted in sterling or fine silver using heating & hammering techniques. I have added a touch of my favourite semi precious stones such as aquamarine, labradorite, amazonite, quartz and pearls to some of my work. All pieces can be taylor made and any combination of items shown can be put together to creat a unique one off piece. Everything is made in my recently renovated studio in Great Totham.

With no formal 'art' training, but always a passion to make things, I stumbled across silver jewellery one summer in the Isles of Scilly when I had gathered a beautiful collection of perfect shells of all shapes and sizes during our month's summer holiday which I decided would look fabulous turned into a beautiful tactile and natural piece of everlasting silver jewellery..... so on our return I found a course locally which I duly completed followed by 2 years of creating in a local workshop which not only taught me many silversmithing techniques but was also invaluable for helping me to set up my own studio from which I could do most of the things I had learnt so far.

I am based in Essex with my husband, Rupert, 4 girls Holly, Alice, Millie and Rosie, 2 dogs Skramble and Minty, 2 cats Milo and Maisie and a tortoise called Oak!

 Please note all items are hallmarked as per the legal requirement. Most items are in stock and will be delivered within 5 working days - however as everything is hand made if I do not have the item in stock it may take up to 10 days and 21 days if it is a heavier item that needs hallmarking as this usually takes a week.
Please feel free to contact me if you need anything quickly.'


Handmade silver jewellery designed and created using sterling and fine silver and on some pieces a touch of the semi precious - tactile jewellery you will love wearing!

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